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**An update** – 2/3/15 – With personal scheduling being what it is, it has reached the point that I can no longer satisfy a radio show on a weekly basis.  It is my plan to record shows as time will allow, but at this point, there will not be a show posted week after week.**



  1. Great speech. However, how about more meat and less patter… Sorry, I’ve been listening to Curt Crist and he has a lot of meat. I found myself forwarding in an attempt to get to the point that your talk is trying to make. I’m making this comment to give you feedback, not to be negative. I’m looking forward to listening to all of your talks.

  2. Hi Scott. I listened through to the end of your talk on 8-17-24. WOW! Towards the end there was some nice meat. I transcribed much of what you said regarding our two ministries that we’re called to ie, The ministry of reconciliation and the ministry to the saints.
    I also liked that you said God is not speaking to us individually as many churches and people claim. But that he speaks to us through the word and he doesn’t speak to us apart from the word. Awesome!
    I have had big ministry pastors prophecy in front of hundreds and on one occasion thousands of people and I never really was sure about their prophecy.
    Now that I’m aware of the mystery that was committed to Paul for us, have you any idea how we can explain this to our friends who are secular Christians who don’t think there is any difference?

    Thanks Scott


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